Meeting Planner

Precision Meetings: A Comprehensive Planner for Seamless Event Execution

Welcome to our Meeting Planner section, where efficiency meets precision. Begin by selecting a start and end time, ensuring optimal utilization of every moment. Choose a fitting category for your meeting, providing clarity and structure. Clearly articulate your meeting’s purpose to set the tone for productive discussions.

Streamline your preparation with designated sections for specifying attendees, tasks, and agenda items. Define the tasks at hand and allocate responsibilities seamlessly. Capture the essence of your meeting by writing detailed notes, fostering a comprehensive record of insights and decisions. As a testament to our commitment to thoroughness, easily send out meticulously crafted minutes post-meeting. Elevate your meeting experience with our meticulous planning tools, transforming each session into a seamlessly orchestrated success.

Multiple planning views

Our different Planning Views with the task list by the side allow you to glance at an entire day, week or month and take a peek of the workload ahead. Easily reprioritize and reschedule overbooking or underbooked days simply by dragging and dropping tasks, events and even goals.

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Keep track of tasks and events yet to be scheduled in a Master List. Then with the use of the Planner find spaces to add these to your current agenda.