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Whether tackling work-related tasks or pursuing personal goals, Opus One is your go-to tool for efficiently organizing and managing all your duties

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Unlocking Features: Navigating the Free and Pro Capabilities

Check below detailed information for Opus One Free and Pro:

Task Features: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Daily Task List
Master Task List (Tasks with no due date)
Custom Color Categories
Drag to Reprioritize
Drag to New Dates
Automatic Forward Uncompleted Tasks
Text Notes
Voice Notes
Custom Repeating Rules
Time zone Support
Tags for Easy search
Start & End Dates. For tasks that last several days
Print List
Share Task List
Share Single Task with Information
Import tasks from Reminders
Add Tasks drom iPad & iPhone using Siri
View Tasks as single List or by Category
Eisenhower Matrix View
Event and Schedule Features: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Integration with Calendar
Read events from Calendar & Google Calendars
Edit events created in Clanedar & Google Calendars
Add & Edit events in Opus One
Create events from Tasks
Show All Day events
Add & Edit all Day Events in Opus One
Back to Today button
Time Zone support
Daily Notes Features: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Text Notes. Just plain black text.
Custom & Color Font
Add Images
Add PDFs
Multilevel Checklists
Audio Notes
Drawing Pad
Share Notes via Mail or Message
Post Notes to Facebook, Twitter & more
Print Daily Notes
Inspirational Quotes
Custom Links
Weather: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
10 Days Weather Forecast
Update Current Weather Condition
Planning View: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
1 Day Planning View
5 Day Planning View
7 Day Planning View
Weekend Planning View
Monthly Planning View
Full screen Planner
Weather Forecast in Planner View
Add, Edit & Delete Tasks in Planner
Drag and Drop Tasks in Planner to Rearrange
Print Planning View
Planning Tools: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Meeting Planner
Eisenhower Matrix
Daily Planner
Weekly Planner
Goal Section: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
SMART Goal Description Templates
Add Custom Images
Goal Log
Goal Categories
Link Goals to Values
Add Goals to Calendar
Add goal Tasks
Completed/Total – Goal task indicator
Achievement Section
Drag and Drop to Reorder
Post Goals to Facebook
Share via Mail or Message
Mission Section: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Personal Mission Builder Assistant
Add Custom Images
Link Values to Mission
Add Custom Values
Color Code Values
Link Values to Goals
Drag and Drop to Reorder
Completed/Total – Goal task Indicator
Share via Mail
Post to Social Media
Backup/Sync: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Cloud Sync with Other Macs
Online Backup
Search: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Search by Kind of Entry (Task, event, notes)
Search by Date Range
Advanced Search using ‘+’ ,’-‘ and ‘ ” ” ‘
Languages: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Personalization: Opus One Free Opus One Pro
Choose Font Size
Additional High Quality Fonts
Additionl Font Colors
Fullscreen Support
Custom Tab Order
Application Highlight Color

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