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Get it done with Opus One: Daily Planner

This innovative app is designed to orchestrate the various facets of your life, seamlessly blending work, personal goals, and mindfulness into a harmonious composition.
Join us on a journey to synchronize your tasks, amplify your focus, and create a masterpiece out of every day. Opus One is not just an app; it’s a conductor for your life’s symphony.

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across multiple devices

Opus One can sync information between your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch.
Open Your Planner, Free Your Mind!
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A daily blue print para tus happiness

Multiple planning views

Our different Planning Views with the task list by the side allow you to glance at an entire day, week or month and take a peek of the workload ahead. Easily reprioritize and reschedule overbooking or underbooked days simply by dragging and dropping tasks, events and even goals. Keep track of tasks and events yet to be scheduled in a Master List. Then with the use of the Planner find spaces to add these to your current agenda.

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Achieve more it's time to get organized!

Daily Task
Stay organized and on top of your day with our Daily Task section, where you can seamlessly manage your daily tasks and calendars in one convenient space.
Empower your aspirations with our Goal Section, a personalized space designed to help you set and achieve your objectives, fostering clarity and motivation in your journey towards success.
Elevate your productivity with our Note Section, offering a centralized hub to jot down ideas, important information, and reminders, providing the key to enhanced organization and a stress-free, focused mindset.
Master Tasks
The master task section in Opus One allows users to add tasks without specifying a due date, providing flexibility in managing both time-sensitive and non-time-sensitive activities.
A mission statement provides a clear purpose for an organization. It guides decision-making and strategy.
Meeting Planner
A meeting planner section streamlines scheduling and organizes all aspects of upcoming meetings.
Get the most from Opus One

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Our tools have been carefully designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams in a healthy, balanced way:
Link your Daily Tasks to your Goals and your Goals to your Values & Personal Mission – so you’ll focus in what really matters.
Use our Planner Views to get a quick glance of the Tasks & Events ahead, your workload will be as easy as drag and drop.
Prioritize your Daily Tasks using an Eisenhower Matrix and more.

Affordable pricing for everyone

Unlocking the paid version of our subscription grants you exclusive access to advanced features, empowering you to supercharge your productivity with enhanced task management and seamless integrations.

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We are constantly updating the App to bring more functionalities
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