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Have you ever started out a week where you had the best intentions to finally get some of those really important things done?

“That’s it!” you say to yourself, “I’m finally going to do that exercise routine I have been planning; I’m going to get on top of that important project at work; I’m going to revisit the goals I set back at the beginning of the year; And I’m finally going to get to spend some quality time with my family this week!”

You get to work Monday morning and you’re hit with a barrage of urgent demands that seem to have been built up over the weekend just waiting for you to come back and deal with. By 10am you can’t even remember one of the things that you thought about earlier.

Next thing you know it’s Wednesday and you’re struggling through an even greater list of urgencies that the week has brought and you can’t wait to get to Friday, ready for the weekend to finally get a reprieve from the relentless crashing of the waves of urgency. Before you blink, it’s Sunday again and you hear yourself saying…. “That’s it! I’m finally going to……………

If you’ve found yourself in this infinite loop before, you’re not alone. So many people live their lives in this rat race. The information and tools to help with this problem are more readily available than ever before in the history of the world, yet we still struggle. Why is it we can’t break the shackles on this tide of urgencies in our lives?

For many, many decades the term “Time Management” has been touted as the key to achieving this elusive goal. Its very name, however, suggest that we can some how mould or manipulate this thing called time so we can fit more things in.

Understanding that ‘TIME’ is purely made up by all the events that take place in our lives, in sequence and that ‘MANAGEMENT’ is about controlling these events, we can take better steps towards stemming the ‘urgency tide’ and start controlling the events in our lives.

OPUS ONE provides a full suite of tools and practices founded in some of the most time-proven principles and methodologies in this space. It provides a framework to apply the practices to support the discipline of taking control of the events in our lives, so we can finally start doing the things that matter most to us.

In following articles we will be sharing how you can start to use this tool, Opus One, to clarify what matters most to you, identify what and who are your highest priorities and how to ‘schedule’ those priorities, rather than continually trying to prioritise your schedule every week and keep coming up short on those things and people that matter the most!!!


Executive Success Coach

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